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Effect of Parent Involvement in Education

Impact of Parent Involvement in Education This paper will explore whether parental contribution inside a childs instruction has a positive or negative effect on the youngster and their training. This will incorporate taking a gander at the parental association inside instruction and how the administration feel about it and how the administration manage parental inclusion and what instructive arrangements have been set out for parental contribution for every one of those concerned. Parental Involvement has been on the Labor Governments plan since they came into power in 1997. New Labor has not been lacking in advances to come back to family esteems, especially when the issues of wrongdoing, child rearing and training have been the subject of conversation (Mooney et al, 1999:6). In 1997, when New Labor came into power, there were recommendations to make child rearing classes for those guardians who need assistance with their childs conduct, instruction and furthermore to assist themselves with turning out to be better and all the more master dynamic guardians inside all parts of their childs life. Jack Straw needs child rearing classes to be acknowledged similarly as bet natal classes, through such classes will include necessary advising and direction classes for guardians who are battling as guardians and for guardians requested by the courts to get help managing their youngsters (Mooney et al, 1999:6). Jack Straws wishes are critical on the grounds that when a youngster is in an upbeat and strong home condition then the kid is bound to appreciate school and be progressively effective in their instruction, which will prompt more joyful kids. The significance of guardians in the instruction of their kids is certainly not another idea. Guardians have been their childrens first teachers since ancient occasions. The primary proper parent training classes happened in The United States in 1815, worries about childrens advancement originate from numerous levels including womens affiliations, universities, parent cooperatives, government and schools (Berger, 1991:209). Instruction was utilized to edify center salary families just as to help standard foreigners and the underclass guardians. As of late the emphasis on parental association developed during the 1960s with arrangements, for example, Head Start, Home Start and Follow Through USA (Berger, 1991:209). This proceeded during the 1980s and 1990s, however there were still concerns, this time about ineffectively taught students, avoidance, truancy, adolescent pregnancy and neediness. These issues underline that parental contribution inside a childs instruction is fundamental so as to have students who are completely occupied with their training and tutoring. In later occasions, there are diverse cliché renditions of guardians and families; there are single parent families, same sex families, the conventional families. There is likewise numerous manners by which guardians and families can get monetary help from the administration, for instance youngster charge credits, kid benefits, CSA. Just as that, there are a wide range of offices for guardians to utilize in the event that they have to return to work, for example, childminders, family backing and nurseries. There is additionally backing and arrangements accessible to profit the two kids and guardians. Guardians can place their kid into some sort of training for instance private nurseries or childminders from as youthful as 3 months, for guardians who needed to return to work. At the point when this happens then guardians can apply for childcare vouchers to assist them with childcare costs. From the age of 3 until the age of 4 kids get 12.5 hours, these are given by the Labor governme nt and offered by the Local Authorities (LA) so again guardians can put their kid in nursery or preschool from the age of 3 and give them a head begin and prepare tester for school. In 2007, the legislature presented the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) arrangement, which was a mix of the Foundation Stage and Birth to Three Matters arrangements. The EYFS started in September 2008. The EYFS is based around four topics, a remarkable kid, positive connections, empowering conditions and learning and improvement. The positive relationship subject is to empower the youngsters to get solid and free, from a base of cherishing and secure associations with guardians (DFES, 2008). The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is additionally connected to a supporting system called the Parents as Partners in Early Learning Project (PPEL). The Parents as Partners in Early Learning Project started in October 2006; the undertaking group attempted a review to survey current arrangements with an underl ying gauge review of approaches and practices across 150 LAs (Local Authorities) in England. (DCSF, 2007). From the age of 4 until the age of 16 or 17 for new optional school students from September 2008, youngsters need to by law either go to class or be in some kind of full time training for instance self-teaching. On the off chance that the kid doesn't go to class or on the off chance that they are not in a full time training, at that point the guardians will be rebuffed. This could be by a fine or it could even be detainment. As indicated by the DCSF (2009) guardians should bolster school by guaranteeing that their youngster goes to class, on the off chance that they don't, at that point the guardians can confront fines somewhere in the range of  £30 and  £150 and for those guardians who keep on letting their kids miss school, the most extreme conceivable is now  £1,000 per parent per kid and they could likewise look as long as a quarter of a year detainment (DCSF, 2009). For some guardians, they like to be engaged with their childs instruction somehow or another. Parental inclusion is the point at which a childs parent or guardians engage with their childs instruction and furthermore work in association with their childs school. As per a few analysts like Desforges et al (2003:5) parental association didn't need to be guardians being in direct contact with their childs school, yet could be a normally happening parental inclusion like great child rearing at home Parental contribution takes numerous structures incorporating great child rearing in the home, including the arrangement of a protected and stable condition, scholarly incitement, parent-kid conversation, great models of useful social and instructive qualities and high goals identifying with individual satisfaction and great citizenship; contact with schools to share data; cooperation in school occasions; interest in crafted by the school; and support in school administration. (Desforges et al , 2003:5) As per Mackinnon et al (1995:26) the 1967 Plowden Report dependent on broad exploration, it reasoned that guardians; mentalities to instruction were of preeminent significance in affecting childrens instructive achievement more so than the guardians instructive or word related status, than material conditions at home and at schools themselves. Mackinnon et al (1995:26) proceeds with the idea of more noteworthy parental association was well gotten and this inclusion has expanded in the year since Plowden. This shows parental mentality whether negative or positive affects their childs instruction, in such a case that a parent negatively affects training since they had a poor, ineffective or horrifying experience of training, at that point they are bound to show a negative or next to no intrigued by their childs instruction, which everything considered their youngster will more than likely have a negative demeanor towards training. It is likewise indicated that youngsters perform better when a parent shows enthusiasm for their kid training as indicated by research completed on the achievement in Secondary Schools by Feinstein et al (1999) found that offspring of guardians demonstrating significant levels of enthusiasm for their tutoring can advance between 15-17% more in maths and perusing between the ages of 11 and 16 when contrasted with students whose guardians indicated no intrigue. There are a wide range of arrangements and enactments on parental association, which start from around the 1980s. The majority of these enactment and arrangements are principally for guardians as shoppers of instruction and guardians as accomplices in training, these approaches and enactment are; The 1980 Education Act, this Act gave the Parents the option to pick the school they needed their kid to go to, in spite of the fact that the LEA could deny on the grounds of wasteful utilization of assets (and guardians could bid), guardians were given the option to be spoken to on school overseeing bodies, guardians on such issues as rules for affirmation, test results, educational program, control and association. (Mackinnon et al, 1995:59). When Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minster, she made these names as schools are makers and guardians are buyers, in light of the fact that as guardians you see what school is best for your youngster or best in the association table is that zone, and som ething guardians really move to a region of a school that they need their kid to go to so as to be inside the school limits. This is equivalent to in the event that you were going out on the town to shop garments, and so forth when youre shopping you will in general search for the best quality, cost, and so forth and the shops that you purchase from are the makers as they are giving that thing you. Same with school, they attempt to offer their schools to guardians by outlines, open nighttimes, group tables and Ofsted. The 1988 Education Reform Act gave the guardians more force, Parents may send their kids to any school that has space for them, gave that it obliges their age and fitness. Guardians could cast a ballot in a mystery voting form to quit the school from the LEA account and control and be given award looked after status (Mackinnon et al, 1995:62) lastly the 1991 Parents Charter give much increasingly decision for guardians, in this sanction guardians were guaranteed five key reports. These records were a report on their childs progress at any rate once per year, ordinary reports on their childs school from autonomous monitors, exhibitions tables for neighborhood schools lastly a yearly report from the school governors. The most significant strategy for guardians was the 2005 White paper; this is a significant paper since it puts guardians and their ch

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen came... free essay sample

Bill Gates and Paul Allen concocted Microsoft Inc. in the year 1995 and entered the OS (Operating System) business in the year 1980. From that point onwards it turned into the main and extraordinary normalized working framework in the entire world. Everything began with an extraordinary vision a PC on each work area and each home that appeared to be practically unthinkable at that point. The effective Altair bargain back in January 1975 roused Bill Gates and Paul Allen to shape Microsoft. Their incomes for 1975 totalled $16,000. Microsofts huge break was in 1980, when an association was shaped with IBM which came about in Microsoft giving a pivotal working framework, DOS, for IBM PCs. This implied for each IBM Computer sold a sovereignty was paid to Microsoft. In 1990, Gates demonstrated the tentative arrangement for Microsoft with the presentation of Windows 3.0. 60 million duplicates of Windows had been sold now which viably made Microsoft the sole guardian of the PC programming standard. We will compose a custom exposition test on Bill Gates and Paul Allen came or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Microsoft before 1990 was dominatingly a provider to the equipment producers. That was their objective market. As innovation progressed and PCs become so famous, the heft of Microsofts income was produced from deals to purchasers. It was the primary programming organization to reach $1 Billion in incomes. As an ever increasing number of variants of Microsoft Windows were propelled, Microsoft caught a higher piece of the pie the universes PC (around 90%).The organization is notable to search for four significant characteristics on the whole recently recruited employees: Ambition IQ Technical aptitude Business judgment.SWOT AnalysisStrength Brand notoriety Brand devotion User neighborly programming innovation Skype Acquisition Great money related execution Weakeness Brand notoriety Brand steadfastness User well disposed programming innovation Skype Acquisition Great budgetary performanceOppurtunity Mobile publicizing Cloud based assistance Growth through acquisitions Mobile gadget indu stryThreat Increasing worldwide rivalry in the product markets Potential claims Open source venture Changing customer propensities and needsMicrosoft Corporations vision explanation is to support people and organizations understand their maximum capacity. This vision proclamation depends on the estimation of the companys PC innovation and programming items. The vision articulation mostly characterizes Microsofts target showcase. The second segment of Microsofts corporate vision explanation shows what the business expects to do. For example, the organization expects to give items that help clients toward the accomplishment of their maximum capacity, which is indicated in the third part of the corporate vision.Microsoft Corporations statement of purpose is to enable each individual and each association on the planet to accomplish more. This statement of purpose mirrors the companys vision articulation on its PC innovation and programming business. The statement of purpose clarifies what Microsofts items can accomplish for clients. For instance, it might remember type of quick handling for workplaces and data access in homes. It additionally determines the objective market, which for this situation includes all people and associations around the world. The companys statement of purpose additionally rhapsodizes that its cutting edge PC headways and programming items help the clients in profiting more.

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Congratulations Tracy Yang, UGA Rhodes Scholar! - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Congratulations Tracy Yang, UGA Rhodes Scholar! - UGA Undergraduate Admissions Congratulations Tracy Yang, UGA Rhodes Scholar! Tracy Yang, a senior at UGA (and Westside HS of Macon graduate), has been named a Rhodes Scholar, the 22nd in UGAs history. Tracy is an Anthropology major, and has done research in the health disparities within the lower socio-economic populations within the United States and Nicaragua. She was named as a Truman Scholar last Spring, and has served in several leadership roles in the UGA chapter of Roosevelt Institute, a national student-run think tank. In addition, Tracy is a Foundation Fellow at UGA, and is a member of the Honors Program. Congratulations to Tracy and all of the other 2011 Rhodes Scholars, and we wish you all well during your time at Oxford!

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Comparison of Memory Management Systems of Bsd, Windows,...

Comparison of Memory Management Systems of BSD, Windows, and Linux Gaurang Khetan Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. December 16, 2002 Abstract This paper is a study of memory management systems of an operating system. We begin with a brief introduction to memory management systems and then we compare the memory management systems of reallife operating systems - BSD4.4, Windows 2000 and Linux 2.4 1 Introduction based on it. Moreover, it is very well documented in [12]. Windows 2000 was chosen since it is a very popular operating system for use as a desktop especially with beginners, and has now evolved into a mature operating system. Linux [4]†¦show more content†¦Coffman and Denning [2] characterize paging systems by three important policies: 1. When the system loads pages into memory - the fetch policy. 2. Where the system places pages into memory the placement policy 3. How the system selects pages to be removed from main memory when pages are unavailable for a placement request - the page replacement policy. The placement policy is of importance only for optimizing certain behavior [16]. So, practically, the behavior of a paging system is dependent only on the fetch and placement policy. In most modern systems, for the fetch policy a demand paging system is used in which the system brings a page to memory only when it is required, however sometimes prepaging certain pages that are expected to be required. With regard to the page replacement policy, many algorithms have been developed over the years. An account can be found in [19]. Comparisons of performance of page replacement algorithms can be found in many papers, such as [15]. Instead of describing each of the system’s MM system in detail, which will be a very long exercise, we compare here some of their signiï ¬ cant parts. All the three systems have modern MM systems, and have surprisingly a lot in common. The data structures are quite similar, and the features of each are also quite similar. Some similarities of these systems areShow MoreRelatedA Short Note On Linux, Windows And Freebsd1775 Words   |  8 PagesI/O Comparison between Linux, Windows and FreeBSD Name University Executive Summary This study compares the I/O functionalities such as data structures, algorithms and cryptograpy between Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD. Most importantly, the data structures used in block and character devices for Windows and FreeBSD are also compared against those of Linux operating system. With respect to I/O operations, this study specifically examines the different types of devices, I/O scheduling, and so forthRead MoreWhat Is A Operating System?749 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is a operating system? An  operating system  is the most essential software that is placed in a computer. It achieves the computer s memory and procedures, and the software and hardware. Also, it importantly allows you to interact with the computer itself even if you cant speak the computers language. It provides mutual services for computer programs. Some examples of operating systems are Windows (vista, 7), Mac OS, Haiku, Linux, BSD. Command line operating systems Some examples of commandRead More3 Platform Research Essay821 Words   |  4 PagesMohiuddin Rana Windows Server: Windows Server is a server operating system from Microsoft Corporation. Windows Server offers ease of management through its interface. The Windows Sever web hosting environment supports major Web programming languages and databases such as PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and MS SQL. Unix (Linux) Server: Unix is a registered trademark of  The Open Group  that refers to a family of computer operating systems. Officially licensed Unix operating systems include OS X (Apple),Read MoreLinex VS Mac VS Windows2805 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿ Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows The operating systems Linux ®, Macintosh ® (Mac) and Microsoft ® Windows ® are the main software to every computer system to run properly along with other hardware. These operating systems (OS s) are very different in several ways, but they also have some similarities too. Linux, Mac and Windows use memory management, process management, file management and security management to operate the computerRead MoreFeature Comparison Between Windows and Linux2459 Words   |  10 PagesFeature Comparison between Windows and Linux Introduction The basic definition of an operating system is a program that provides an interface to interact with the computer. It manages the computer’s hardware and software and provides a platform for other application programs. This report discusses the various aspects of an operating system with respect to Microsoft Windows which is a family of proprietary operating systems and Linux, which is a sub-category of UNIX. Operating systems thus notRead More Linux Operating Systems Essay2133 Words   |  9 PagesThe most popular UNIX-system design end of the XX century has become an inexpensive alternative to expensive (HP-UNIX, SUN Solaris, Digital UNIX) solutions - Operating System (OS etc.) Linux. Today the pace of market development of this system compared to other well-known operating systems is the most intense (Stutz 2004). The strength of the Linux operating system is its flexibility: The system covers the entire range of applications - from desktop PC to multiprocessor servers and super clustersRead MoreWin32 Api and Posix Api Comparison984 Words   |  4 PagesWS... SLU Baguio City Philippines BSIT-2 Comparison between WIN32 API and POSIX API Win32 API is Microsoft’s core set of application programming interfaces available in the Microsoft Windows operating systems while POSIX API, an acronym for â€Å"Portable Operating System Interface (for Unix)† is a core set of application programming interfaces, shell, and utilities interfaces for software compatible with variants on the Unix operating system. Each of which has its own style of implementationRead MoreWin32 Api and Posix Api Comparison975 Words   |  4 Pages SLU Baguio City Philippines BSIT-2 Comparison between WIN32 API and POSIX API Win32 API is Microsoftà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s core set of application programming interfaces available in the Microsoft Windows operating systems while POSIX API, an acronym for à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Portable Operating System Interface (for Unix)à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  is a core set of application programming interfaces, shell, and utilities interfaces for software compatible with variants on the Unix operating system. Each of which has its own style of implementationRead MoreLinux Operating System (graduate level CIS term paper)5780 Words   |  24 Pages1. What Is Linux? Linux is an operating system that was initially created as a hobby by a young student, Linus Torvalds, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Linus had an interest in Minix, a small UNIX system, and decided to develop a system that exceeded the Minix standards. He began his work in 1991 when he released version 0.02 and worked steadily until 1994 when version 1.0 of the Linux Kernel was released. The current full-featured version is 2.4 (released January 2001) and developmentRead MoreLinux vs Windows4798 Words   |  20 PagesLINUX vs. WINDOWS The debate on Windows vs. Linux is truly an on going one with no end in site. Regardless how you come at this juncture you are usually a UNIX supporter or a customer of Microsoft OS and products who are grateful for products of Microsoft. We will in the following paragraphs try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these different systems. We will give a brief description on the cost of these products, what kind of market-share these two systems hold, the availability

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Gender Inequality And Racial Prejudice - 1130 Words

Gender inequality and racial prejudice are alive and well in the United States and around the world despite the strides that have been made here over the past fifty years. Over time fixed notions about gender differences have been interwoven into the fabric of society, each leading to complex interactions among people. Traditionally, most of these rigid views have supported the dominance of men and the subservience of women in most social structures. In her article entitled: Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw introduced the term â€Å"Intersectionality.† Intersectionality is the theory that different types of discriminations interact with one another. This notion goes hand in hand with Judith Butler’s ideas described her article titled â€Å"Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory† which uses the term â€Å"gender acts† and deciphers a probable cause of various discriminatory practices encountered in contemporary society. Since both gender inequality and racial inequality share a common thread, I believe that what intersectionality represents will help understand Judith Butler’s view on gender classification and the dynamic it has caused on our social and political formation. If intersectionality is a theoretical framework explaining discrimination, Butler would highlight that gender classification is implicit in it, by explaining that the termShow MoreRelatedRace Relations And Social Inequality1610 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscuss social inequality related to race relations. By comparing two articles â€Å"Ethno-Racial Attitudes and Social Inequality† and â€Å"What happens before? A field experiment exploring how pay and representation differentially shape bias on the pathway into organizations† this paper will explore racial social injustices with the intent to showcase the thinking about race relations and social inequality. Points of Interest Racial inequality is a volatile andRead MoreAmerica Still Divided : Racism And Discrimination1091 Words   |  5 Pages30, 2015 Final/Research Paper America Still Divided Racism and discrimination inequalities have become a major discussion throughout the years in our society. Inequalities has impacted every level of humanity on this earth. Education, tolerance and acceptance can be used to challenge one another in attempt to change the negative traditions that continue to exist in our culture. Racism and discrimination inequalities continues to be passed from generation to generation. When I read this quoteRead MoreRacial Inequality : Guess Who 11352 Words   |  6 PagesRACIAL INEQUALITY IN GUESS WHO 1 The 2005 film Guess Who illustrates how racial inequality is present within society, and how race is used by our society to create and manufacture social categories. This film is about a black female named Theresa and a white man named Simon that fight against the racial inequality present within their society and choose to be together. Stereotypes, prejudice, ethnic chauvinism, and racism are prevalent concepts throughout the movie. Most of these concepts are displayedRead MoreSocial Inequality Is An Important Issue In Today’S Society.1595 Words   |  7 Pages â€Æ' Social inequality is an important issue in today’s society. Today, people face many inequalities based on their gender, race, religion, and disability status, yet there are many different ideologies and ongoing debate about social inequality. There are three perspectives concerning the issue of inequality in America. This paper will analyze an article about social inequality, â€Å"Gender, Race, and Income Gaps† by Richard Hogan and Carolyn Perrucci, and how it applies to the viewpoints concerningRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Stratification On Minorities1195 Words   |  5 Pages†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨The impact on minorities due to inequality†¨Introduction †¨During the course of this class I have learned about social problems within the society in which we live and around the world. It is disturbing to learn that poverty, social inequality, race and cultural discrimination, gender stratification, environmental damage, population growth, and urbanization are among the social problems and controversial issues that still exist in the United States. What is Social Stratification Social stratificationRead MoreRacism : Racism And Discrimination1432 Words   |  6 PagesThis country’s history is rooted in slavery and inequality among races. While there has been significant progress to realize a fair and equal America now and in the future, many citizens stubbornly cling to old, outdated and preconceived racial prejudices. For my experiment, I seek to further study and assess ongoing racism and discrimination by discovering and exploring the difference in potentially racist views between men and women (i.e., by gender). For instance, are white males within a certainRead MoreSsci 316 Study Guide Answers Essay978 Words   |  4 Pageshierarchy to different groups is more problematic. For example if our society were to simply note that different groups are different, without an overt or implied status hierarchy, the issues of inequality would not be as important as they are today 2. Are race and ethnicity the only types of inequality in the US today? diversity in US today is not limited to ethnicity, race – other factors: social class (SES or socio-economic status), education, size of group, religion, language As definedRead MoreGender Inequality And Racial Inequality Essay924 Words   |  4 PagesFor centuries and even today, gender inequality and racial prejudice continue to exist. Throughout time these concepts have overlapped and intertwined, each other creating complex interactions and a negative influence upon society. In the 1980s, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw through her article, named Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color, introduced the term â€Å"Intersectionality.† Intersectionality, is the theory of how different types of discriminationsRead MoreAnalysis on Rebeca Keegans Article on Racial Inequality in Media860 Words   |  4 Pagesrace is distinguishing physical characteristics used to place people in different racial categories (Jensen). The biggest concern with race is racial inequality. Racial inequality is the inadequate or unfair treatment of minorities in areas like income, education, employment, health, t he criminal justice system, and media. The article written by Rebecca Keegan from the Los Angeles Times newspaper discusses the inequality of race in media specifically movies. This article relates to the unfairness inRead MoreRacial Discrimination And Discrimination899 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscrimination – including race, sex, and gender. Prejudice attitudes and discriminatory behaviour should not be acquainted with one another, but they have proven to be. Discrimination, according to the Sociology – A Brief Introduction by â€Å"the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups based on some type of arbitrary bias† (Schaefer, 196). Prejudice is â€Å"the negative attitude toward an entire category of people, often an ethnic or a racial minority† (Schaefer, 195). Branching out

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Characterization In Poe, Hawthorne, And Melville Essay Example For Students

Characterization In Poe, Hawthorne, And Melville Essay What makes a story different from a tale lies in the author’s choice of characterization. When we have little physical detail about the character as is Hawthorne’s â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† and Poe’s â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† the story becomes more of a tale. In a tale, it is possible to remove almost all of the physical detail about the character and still achieve the same effect. If you remove the known detail, what little there is, in â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† it might have the same effect as, â€Å"A man walked into the woods†¦..† This however cannot be achieved in Herman Melville’s â€Å"Bartleby The Scribner†. If you remove the detail about the life of the narrator then you remove the essence of the story in itself. In â€Å"Bartleby The Scribner†, we are given enough detail about the characters that we are able to answer why a character thinks a certain way. It is only through the details about the narrator’s business and the people that work for him that we can understand why Bartleby’s behavior is so perplexing. The details show how ordinary, or plain the narrator’s life is until Bartleby arrives and seems to change everything. The characters almost become real. In â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† we cannot attempt to understand why Montresor seeks revenge so badly, we are just told that he does. If the reader were given more insight into the relationship between Fortunato and Montresor then we might be able to understand why he seeks revenge. Any physical detail given to us only serves what Poe calls â€Å"the single effect†. We are told that Fortunato is wearing a jester’s hat to point out that he is a fool, adding to the humiliation to follow. The fact that he is wearing the hat, however, does not give the reader any insight to his psychology. Thus the characters become abstractions that exist only in our minds. They do not have real life counterparts. By placing more emphasis on plot than characterization, Poe and Hawthorne were able to create a tale in which the characters only exist in the readers mind and the story becomes more of a tale. However, Melville was able to create characters that seem to escape the readers mind and the plot is moved forward through examination of these characters. English Essays